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  • Mood: Joy…

And its awesome for me!! :D
  • Mood: Irritated

Worst christmas family eve EVER...and no im not talking about the present and all. im talking about one family of my. and by one is GOD-FUCKING-DAMN STEPMOM OF MINE WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY THE CHRISTMAS FOR CRYING OUT FUCKING LOUD!!!!!:rage::rage::rage: and also, where she from?! philippines and MY GOD! SHE WONT KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT!!! She keeps repeating her word over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER LIKE A FUCKING REWIND UP ROBOT TOY AND IT DRIVE ME AND MY DAD NUTS FROM HER!!!! SHE BITCH about the women and all and she wont let it go! she want to make the christmas day HELLISH HOLIDAY!!! and she want that fucking bad that fucking fine because i had to say this. WORST CHRISTMAS FAMILY EVE EVER!!!!!!!!!

:tears:this is great. no really.

1st. i lost my mom

2nd. i lost my girlfriend from high school

3rd. i lost my awesome job and yet i have to find another one for the job

and now 4th hellish holidays.

gee i wonder what next right now. more bad days for me or more listening to my stepmom bitching!?:tears:
My Wallpaper 8 by nickanater1
My Wallpaper 8
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My Wallpaper 7 by nickanater1
My Wallpaper 7
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Memory of
Randy Mario Poffo "Macho Man Randy Savage"
November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011

James Brian Hellwig "The Ultimate Warrior"
June 16, 1959 – April 8, 2014

Rest In Peace. Ultimate Maniacs

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  • Mood: Joy…

And its awesome for me!! :D


Nick Maxeiner
Artist | Student | Other
United States…

My 3DS friend code is
3840 - 7550 - 5603

Nintendo Network ID: nickanater1

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Enough is enough by nickanater1Enough is enough by nickanater1

Come on guys Dont Stop!!:iconreadplz::iconreadplz::iconreadplz::iconreadplz:
"Words like bullets as negative from haters word. and yet, trying to make people as listen to them and make them as negative as haters. but you, me and all of us however are shield and armor we wear as we ignore the haters words from their bullet they use as krystal supporters for being strong for not get hit from the bullet."
- nickanater1
Come on guys! Don't stop now! we all got 1000 supporters been reach but we need more power for supporters because all is left now is get to masahiro sakurai to see krystal supporters are strong and alive for krystal amiibos for dlc for 3ds and wii-u for krystal supporters!
Copy and spread the world

The 1000 has been reach. But we need more power for krystal supporters for Masahiro Sakurai to see supporters are strong and alive! NO HATE!!!


for Dsign to have fun and good skills. don't like. then go F**k someone else group! leaving no word and disrespect to my group will not be tolerate form your piece of shit word from it.

R.I.P. Mom :(

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Merry Christmas and all the best friend, ^.-.^ :D

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